International Driver’s License

Any plans to travel the world by motorbike or car? To be able to realize the plan, of course, you must have an important document called an International Driving Permit.

Your motorcycle or local license plate car can be driven to cross the borders of other countries. As long as you bring an International Driving Permit that is valid in hundreds of countries around the world, so touring is safer and more comfortable.

International Driving Permit itself is a letter to drive a motor vehicle that is valid internationally with a valid driving license in the country that issued the International Driving Permit.

So, an International Driving Permit is a legal document that must be owned by someone who wants to drive abroad.

The issuance of International Driving Permits originated from the agreement of the United Nations (UN) in the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic in 1968. The international agreement is a refinement of the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic in 1949 and previously the Paris Convention on Motor Traffic in 1926.

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Obey Traffic Rules in Other Countries

• When entering another country, tourists must of course comply with the regulations in force in that country. Especially for those of you who travel long distances, traveling from one country to another using a car or motorbike. Then must obey the traffic rules in the destination country.

• Never occasionally violate, because you can be subject to fines, even criminal penalties, considering that other countries have strict rules for traffic violators.

• It is also important to protect yourself from risks during long trips around the world with travel insurance.